U Go Girl T-Shirt, Promotion

Jan 23, 2024News

We will be promoting a U Go Girl T-Shirt for our 2024 promotion. This promotion will run periodically throughout 2024. What’s special about this promotion is that we will pay you, the customer, to wear the U Go Girl T-shirt. We will have all sizes and colors available. All we ask is for you to show videos and photos of yourself wearing the U Go Girl T-shirt at various activities such as concerts, family reunions, shopping, etc., for at least five days. You can break those days up as desired. Visit our website for more information and register to receive your free T-shirt.

U Go Girl Rules for this promotion:
1. Participants will receive a free U Go Girl T-shirt for their participation in this promotion.

2. Participants will be paid for their participation, and the payment details will be provided on the website.

3. As an additional bonus, participants will also receive a free U Go Girl braiding hair, enough to do one style of their choice. They can choose from the available options on the U Go Girl website, including length, color, and texture preferences.

4. The braiding hair will be shipped to them at no charge.

5. Participants must follow the instructions provided on the website to register and ensure they are eligible for the promotion.

6. Participants should also familiarize themselves with the terms and condition of this promotion, which will be clearly outlined on the website.