Welcome To U Go Girl

Welcome To Our Team !!

UGoGirl is please to have you as part of our team.
Please take a moment to go over our Dashboard Introduction

The Features !!

Powerful Agent Dashboard

  • Dashboard with several panels
  • Panels for announcements, messages, affiliate links
  • Panels for customers, orders, earnings, payouts & profile
  • Overview of balance, latest earnings, order stats & pending messages


  • Admin can send announcements and configure their visibility by group or agent
  • Announcements are posts that support formatting
  • Agents can receive announcements by email
  • Agents view announcements in dashboard


  • Messages allow admin and agents to easily communicate
  • Both admin and agents can send messages and initiate conversations
  • Messages can be received by email, based on profile settings
  • Conversations can be marked as read, or closed

Affiliate Links

  • Agents can share registration, product, and shopping affiliate links
  • When registration links are used, the customer is assigned to the agent
  • When shopping or product links are used, the order and commission is assigned to the agent

Customer Management

  • Agents can view all their customers in dedicated panel
  • Agents can add new customers. Customers receive login info via email.
  • Agents can view, print, or download agent data (PDF / CSV)

Order Management

  • Agents can view and manage orders assigned to them
  • Agents have backend access only for the specific orders assigned
  • Agents can view, print or download order data (PDF / CSV)